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MMGY Global

MMGY Global

In March 2018, Hills Balfour joined forces with MMGY Global, the world's largest marketing communications organisation dedicated to travel, tourism, hospitality and entertainment.
With more than 37 years of experience in the tourism field, MMGY Global maintains an international communications practice in all marketing channels, serving many of the world’s premier travel and tourism brands. MMGY Global is also the author of acclaimed industry research (including the Portrait of American Travelers®) that identifies the habits and preferences of travellers – insights that serve as the foundation for its marketing and creative strategies.
Following MMGY Global’s acquisitions over the last two years of DK Shifflet & Associates, Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations, Myriad Marketing and Spring O’Brien, the merger with Hills Balfour fuels its global expansion and commitment to integration across all travel marketing channels.
Together, Hills Balfour and MMGY Global inspire people to go places.
To learn more about MMGY Global, visit www.mmgyglobal.com.