Croatian Christmas Countdown

Croatian Christmas Countdown


The city of Zagreb was declared as the ‘Best Christmas Market’ by European Best Destinations for three consecutive years. To increase awareness of Zagreb’s Christmas Markets as well as to educate followers on social media about Croatia being a year-round holiday destination, a campaign was developed.


In the lead up to Christmas, a multi-market campaign was created to showcase Croatia’s successes and various events offered throughout the year. The Facebook campaign totaled out to 8 posts a day with 7 days of giveaway prizes. Prizes ranged from festival tickets to sports gear and wine, with the final prize being a trip for two to Zagreb to experience the Christmas markets in 2019. Every day followers had the opportunity to enter the competition by answering questions that related to Croatia such as; “Croatian wine was served at what British event in May, watched by over 50 million people?” and “Croatia has the most idyllic coastline, with over 1,2000 islands to explore, but, to win the jacket, can you name 5?”. For further exposure, some markets partnered with influencers to promote the campaign on blogs as well as Instagram.


A total reach of 988,667
A total of 74,158 engagements
A total of 6,489 comments
One blog post promoting the campaign
2 Instagram posts with impressions of 64,328 and 2,611 engagements