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Bermuda destination brand launch

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To develop Bermuda into a premium, aspirational brand and increase awareness levels amongst ABC1 consumers.



Hills Balfour organised 41 media visits incorporating: three group press trips and 14 media, 27 individual media visits and three travel film crews: Great Escapes (UK), Jorin (Holland) and No Frontiers (Ireland) .

Hills Balfour organised Europe’s largest window wrap across four Selfridges stores in the UK which included 20,000 promotional flyers and a live window installation featuring Speedo models and a Bermudian back drop.

Hills Balfour organised 35 media events and met over 650 individual consumer trade and consumer media.

Established a premium destination brand – consumer research highlights increased recognition and retention.

Hills Balfour generated a total of 2.5 million opportunities for UK consumers to see the destination brand through the Selfridges window wrap.

Hills Balfour generated 650,000 page impressions through targeted online advertising.

Hills Balfour generated 384 articles (297 consumer and 87 trade) with a total PR value of $2,363,274 and total circulation of 159,987,661.