About Hills Balfour

Let us introduce ourselves properly. We’re a group of what we believe to be some of the most talented people in sales, marketing, PR, creative strategy and production. A collective of professionals from the travel, hospitality, sport and other sectors - people who share a passion and track record in facilitating growth through better communication and developing stronger relationships. You’ll find some of us in our offices in London and Dubai and others in our partner offices around the world where we’re lending a hand.

Why do we do what we do? We know how to help places grow - cities, countries, regions, their infrastructures that drive them forward from outside and in. But most importantly, we help the people, societies, communities, entrepreneurs, and leaders within them explore and flourish. It’s what we’ve been doing for nearly 20 years and we’ve got a trusted friend in every continent to prove it. We know travel and tourism better than almost anyone else and that’s just the start. We help people to entertain. We can harness sport to move a nation forward too. We go further, stretch wider.

Not one of our people is as smart as all of us together. Our knowledge is our greatest asset and we’re here to share it. We know how to get noticed, how to change what people think and how they feel, and how to get them to do something, sometimes unexpectedly. We are brave thinkers who know our craft better. We create and grow brands, build bold blueprints of how everything can communicate better. We’ll create disruptive concepts and we’ll help the people of this world experience, share and celebrate with us.

We help the most ambitious places and people on earth grow into truly remarkable, successful societies.

We hope to meet you soon.