Las Vegas Top 20 Tips

October 14, 2022

Las Vegas has a wealth of things to do, but there are always some stand-out activities to consider.  The following list was compiled after the Hills Balfour company trip and to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have listed 20 things to do, but obviously in no particular order:-

Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Fountains – dancing streams of water choreographed to world renowned DJ’s, classical, rock-n-roll legends and many other genres. The combination of lights and water provides a vision to be seen in front of the Bellagio Hotel. The fountains provide a show for any age to enjoy and at no cost.


The Las Vegas sporting calendar has something for everyone. Ringside at the most prestigious boxing and UFC matches or the adrenaline fuelled Golden Knights ice hockey game. For those that are a fan of the biggest sport in the USA, the NFL, the Oakland Raiders are coming to Vegas in 2020. The NFL is part of the USA’s DNA and is a must see for first-timers or NFL fanatics.

Another event, which will set the adrenaline pumping is NASCAR. Only 15 miles North of the city you will find the Las Vegas motor speedway, which is home to some of the biggest NASCAR races in the calendar. Vegas will fulfil any sports lover’s dreams, or could ignite a new passion in those that are new to the sporting scene.


Las Vegas would not be what it is today without a history of star-studded musicians performing along the strip. Rock star legends, an award-winning Rat Pack tribute band and that is without mentioning the star-studded line up of residencies; Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Cher and many more. Vegas is all about variety and accommodating everybody’s entertainment wishes, which is why Cirque du Soleil is unmissable to those visiting the strip. You will be kept in suspense at the bravery of the performers and the magical nature radiates throughout the theatre. Vegas is about thrill-seeking and stepping away from day-to-day life, which is why an evening show is definitely something to immerse yourself in.

Valley of fire day trip

The valley of fire combines jaw-dropping landscapes, hiking and ancient history. Sketches by Native Americans cover the crimson rocks, whilst mimicking certain shapes and figures, which allows your imagination to run wild. Film fanatics will revel in the history of the valley of fire, including the backdrop for Planet of the Apes and Transformers.

Red Rock Canyon

Although only a short drive from the Las Vegas strip, Red Rock Canyon can provide a break from the bright lights of the city. For the brave, rock climb the Keystone Thrust, which is a staggering 3000 ft. This climb shows off the best views that Red Rock has to offer, and is a unique climbing experience. Or for a more sedate activity you can bike or horse ride around the numerous trails. Red Rock Canyon also offers a geological and wildlife education: fossilised sand dunes, bobcats, golden eagles, hummingbirds and cliffs, which have been displaced due to the tectonic movement.

Magic Mountains

The pink Nevada sky is the perfect background to the Seven Magic Mountains. Created by the artist Ugo Rondinone, the colourful blocks of limestone draw millions of admirers every year. The colourful rocks provide a sharp contrast to the moody mountain setting, or if you visit at sunset the mountains become illuminated behind the vibrant rocks.

Fremont Street experience

A pedestrian mall like no other, enclosed by screens the size of 5 football fields, the viva light show highlights the expansive space, filled with bars, restaurants and hotels. Fly like a superhero on the 11-story high Zoomline, which spans the length of the mall and provides entertainment for those looking for an adrenaline rush, without leaving the comfort of the mall. For those looking for a more sedate, birds eye view of the mall, the 7 story zipline allows you to experience the thrill of the Fremont experience from above.

Mob Museum and Neon Museum

View the iconic Las Vegas signs at the vast, outdoor Neon Museum. The ‘neon graveyard’ includes signs from old casinos, motels and classic Vegas hot spots. Combine the bright lights of the neon museum with the fascinating mob museum. Vegas was a backdrop for the mob and was the scene of many historic encounters between organised crime members and the State. The museum also exhibits the lavish lifestyle the mob had, reflecting traditional Vegas glamour. Combine this cultural excursion with tours and tasting at the Las Vegas distillery to finish your Vegas experience.

Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon

A helicopter is the best way to view the Grand Canyon, the bird’s eye view allows you to experience the vastness and beauty of one of the greatest landscapes in the world. This awe-inspiring ride dips between the towering rocks, along the ravines, and allows you to view the immense landscape of one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Culinary experiences 

Vegas attracts internationally renowned chefs, to join the bright lights of the city that never sleeps. Whether it’s the legendary fixed menu at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen or the sweet delights of Valastro’s bakery, Vegas can satisfy any food craving you have. Pair a culinary experience with exquisite wines selected by master sommeliers, which will set your taste buds into overdrive. Although Vegas is renowned for its celebrity chefs, there are also hundreds of take-out venues and food trucks, to satisfy late-night cravings. Vegas is one of the best cities in the world for food, and immersing yourself in the food culture is essential to enjoying Las Vegas.


If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city of lights, there are over 50 prestigious golf courses to satisfy every type of golf player. From Fazio’s exclusive Shadow Creek to Bear’s Best black sand bunkers, Vegas boasts some of the most unique courses in the world.


The range of spas in Vegas is extensive, and provides every service you could wish for. The Wynn spa is the first spa in Vegas to receive the Forbes travel guide 5* award; a combination of great services, plunge pools with a sun-lit atrium. Mimicking a desert oasis, the Sahra spa and hammam uses Nevada’s natural resources to create a serene haven for those who want to take a more relaxing approach to Vegas. Whether you prefer a holistic spa, unusual treatments or just want to relax in a sauna, Vegas can fulfil your wildest ‘spa dreams’.

Snow at Mount Charleston

Only a short drive away is Mount Charleston, Summer or Winter, this resort can be the perfect getaway from the city. In the summer, there are hiking trails with lookout spots, horse riding and disc golf. In winter, the mountain transforms into a ski resort, that has an array of activities: Skiing, mountain biking, shopping and dining at the traditional mountain restaurants.

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas defies all logic, it combines desert scenery with a vast expanse of water. The Italian-style resort includes restaurants, boutiques and endless private pools. But the main attraction is the Lake, there are all sorts of water activities; paddle boating, yachting, fishing or transport yourself to Venice on a romantic gondola ride. The Lake provides a European-style getaway, only 20 miles away from one the liveliest cities on Earth.

Desert ATV tours

Leave the glitz and glamour of Vegas behind and embark on an ATV desert tour. If you want to see the canyons of the Mojave Desert or a herd of wild horses, the ATV’s are the perfect transport to immerse yourself in the vastness of Nevada’s deserts.

Hoover Dam

The Hoover dam combines an educational experience with outdoor activities. The dam sits on the border of Nevada and Arizona on the Colorado River and was built during the Great Depression. For those wanting to learn more about the construction process or to visit the observation deck for the amazing view there are regular tours that are available. For an outdoor adventure, kayak down the Colorado River and through the black canyon. Stop off and soak in the hot baths or in the coolness of the river, depending on the season.

Dune Buggy Rides

Although slightly further afield, the dune buggy rides are a different source of fun from the city’s activities. The Amargosa sand dunes can be up to 100ft high, which you are free to explore with your guide. There are many other locations to experience the desert from a high speed, dune flying, machine. It is a must if you want a different type of entertainment from the casino tables and are a lover of the outdoors.

The Stratosphere Jump

The Stratosphere offers an 829 foot free fall. For pure adrenaline junkies, step off the platform and reach speeds of up to 40mph. Jump day, night or at sunset for a great view over the city and an experience that will last a lifetime. For those that don’t fancy free falling off the tallest building in Vegas, there are plenty of restaurants and live entertainment to enjoy from the safety of inside the building.


Vegas does nothing by halves and that certainly isn’t an exception for the shopping choices. For luxury boutiques, venture down to Via Bellagio or Crystals and you won’t be disappointed with the extensive designer stores. For those looking for extravagant purchases, there are many car showrooms with the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin, especially if you have had a big win at the casinos. For those that like a more relaxed shopping experience, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino combines food, hip boutiques and live music to enjoy at your leisure.

Fly a fighter jet

Have you ever dreamt of flying not only a plane, but a fighter jet? Well you can in Vegas. With intense training beforehand and an experienced pilot to accompany you, this experience will be one you remember forever. Complete aero acrobatics and participate in combative manoeuvres against opponents. If you want to fulfil your dreams of flying a plane or you want to try something completely different, then flying a fighter jet is a good place to start!


The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam

The Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston

Fighter Jet experience

Fighter Jet experience

Freemont Street

Freemont Street